Official simplicity of pakistan government by Wiki

It was the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly. Most of the heads of state, kings, and prime ministers were coming to the main building. Every servant could see them, descending from the cruiser in the most expensive car. There were plenty of guards, local police, bodyguards, workers and carpenters. After all, the state of mind was everywhere. Most of the delegates wore suits worth millions of dollars and the most expensive watches. In the same royal crowd, a young man came out of the UN building. I had black bag in my hand with my driver. He was wearing a simple suit.

Official simplicity of pakistan government by Wiki
Official simplicity of pakistan government by Wiki (Geo Tv)

It was known that the head of a country is a lowly employee. There was a garden outside the main building that still exists today. The man sat on a six- or seven-inch wall of cement made of grass. He opened the bag, took out the paper and started reading them carefully. I had a pencil in my hand. He was constantly taking notes on paper. Then he lay down on the grass. Started sorting the papers. People were coming. No one was paying attention. A photographer passed by and saw a man sitting on the ground. The man was Alain Berset, President of Switzerland.

The photographer posted a picture of her on social media which went viral all over the world. The next day the newspapers were full of the same picture. Alien was actually preparing his speech at the United Nations. After a while, he got up, picked up his bag, and entered the UN building. He was not accompanied by any staff, ADC or bodyguard. When it came time to speak, he gave a very effective speech. Then he started walking towards the hotel which was 15 to 20 minutes away.

It should be noted that he was the head of a country where the average annual per capita income was 86,000 dollars and GDP was about 8 billion dollars. Where no murder, robbery, kidnapping for ransom, no woman, girl or child has been raped for years. Living is the dream of every person and family. Yes! I am referring to Switzerland. You may not believe that Alien was going to Philadelphia for an official meeting. He lined up, bought a ticket like a normal person, and left for a train permit. The return was the same. In the New York hotel where Alien stayed, he often cooked his own food. This attitude of the influential president of one of the richest countries is highly valued and respected.

The point to note is that the Swiss president has proved by his actions, not his words, what official simplicity is. Action is the only thing that allows you to peek inside any person. Action is the X-ray that brings your inner self to light. For example, if someone says that he likes simplicity but travels in a car worth Rs. Can

And if this is done by the rulers of the country and at the expense of the government, then more can be done except mourning. Legitimate wealth is not a bad thing, it is a gift from God. But hypocrisy and hypocrisy are the most heinous, social and religious crimes. These two practices are ingrained in the rulers of every age. Hypocrisy is rampant in our country. Let me tell you a little story. The son of a former Pakistani president had a graduation ceremony at a university in the United States. It was graduation, it was a private ceremony.

Under the rare complimentary advice of the official Babu, it was made an official engagement and Mr. President, left for America with his family. Tablachi kept announcing that Mr. President had gone to the United States for official meetings.

Coincidentally, the son's ceremony was during this period. Wow guys, what's up? Fooling and what happens. Two or three rebel-type journalists shouted, but then they too were silenced. It is not limited to one president or prime minister. Everyone has used government resources generously. There is no difference between a politician and a ruler. Everyone is stunned. The student is not a follower of any political group, I try to write what I think is right. During his long career in government, he had the opportunity to work with a number of rulers.

But the practical examples of simplicity and honesty were rare. A former Prime Minister of Pakistan was going to address the UN General Assembly. There is something important to talk about. I wondered what kind of consultation this could be that could only take place during a flight to London on a government plane.

Anyway, that's what happened. The Prime Minister went to London at the government's expense, stayed a couple of days and did some shopping and then the Prime Minister visited New York. He was accompanied by his family. Many luxurious rooms were booked at the خرچ 3,000 a-day hotel in New York at government expense. The embassy rented the most expensive limousine for the delegation. All expenses were paid from the public treasury of Pakistan. The Prime Minister was accompanied by his family when he addressed the UNO.

It seemed that the Prime Minister of a poor country like ours had come to help a country like America. Pictures of the speech in the assembly were published in all Pakistani newspapers. But gentlemen, nothing happened. You sir This is our real Pakistan and our patriotic ruler. The undemocratic presidents of Pakistan have been behaving similarly in foreign tours. Not unrest, but economic oppression has been happening to this poor nation but the narrator is as silent as ever.

The Chief Pilot of a provincial government said that the Chief Minister's official plane comes and goes to Islamabad three to four times a day. Just a few days ago, the head of a political party was on his way to Islamabad from Karachi on the official plane of the Chief Minister when the plane broke down in Multan. gone. The sad truth is that in our political arena, poisonous mushrooms that call themselves leaders can be born. But simple but great people like Alien Burst can't be born, even if there is a coincidence, no one will allow it to flourish here.

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