May Allah protect this Pakistan the country is almost out of hands near to destroy

Nicholas II was the last Tsar of Russia, became King in 1894 at the age of 26, married the German Princess Alex (Alexandra the Tsar) and one night in July 1918 the whole family became the breadwinners of the land, including the world's largest empire. Thus, the stories did not remain in the stories. Nicholas II was a man of power, and history has shown that when power falls into the hands of people without power, they destroy everything, including themselves. Nicholas did the same. He first started a war with Japan. He destroyed his entire navy and then went to the front as commander-in-chief in World War I. Mother was a sensible woman. She said, Let the war be fought so that if you lose you can justify the defeat. "He did not believe, went to the front and millions of Russian soldiers were killed in the war.

May Allah protect this Pakistan the country is almost out of hands near to destroy this country by Sajjad Muhammad
Nicholas II was the last Tsar of Russi

On the other hand, famine, unemployment and recession in Russia have heated up the market, millions of farmers, labourers and artisans have lost their jobs, even a one-time meal has become impossible, law and order and justice system has collapsed, roads But groups of young men roamed the streets, robbing anyone at any time, and the looters were unharmed, even stolen inside the royal palaces. Siege, the Tsar ordered the firing on the crowd, thousands were killed. There was a pile of corpses in front of the palace and no one to carry it, the workers and peasants laid the foundation of the revolution, Vladimir Lenin stepped forward and the whole country followed him. Like a fake Monday's disciple.

Crown Prince Alex was suffering from blood cancer. The queen thought that Prince Rasputin's prayer was safe, so it was the queen's duty to say "Amen" to every suggestion and request of Rasputin. Taking full advantage of the proximity, the princesses were not safe from him, so the day came when the mob surrounded the palace, the royal family was arrested, imprisoned for a year The family was shot and buried in the jungle, the tombstones were erased and the 304-year-old Russian royal spell was shattered.

The 23-year history of Nicholas II from 1894 to 1917 is called the Russian Revolution. If we consider the 1980 revolution in Iran as a revolution, it was the second last revolution in history. Before that came the French Revolution. Came between 1799 and left an indelible mark on the memory of the human race. These are the three great revolutions in the modern history of the world.

We can even call her the mother of revolutions, why? Because whenever there is a revolution in any corner of the world, analysts have linked it with the French, Russian and Iranian revolutions. So we can say that these three revolutions are the most important events in the history of 232 years. What were the reasons for the revolutions in the rest of the world? There are numerous reasons, but historians agree on three main ones: widespread unemployment, uncontrolled inflation, and a weakened state structure, all three of which are common to every revolution in the world.

During the last days of Russia's Czarism, 2.5 million people lost their jobs, farmers lost their farms, labourers lost their jobs, and employees lost their jobs. The bureaucratic system was in place, the civil servants went on strike every other day, the police joined hands with the thieves, the court decisions were written down by the mafia, the army was dictatorial, the king of the queen. Under the influence, Queen Pierce sat at Rasputin's feet, and Rasputin would receive alcohol, women and money and appoint anyone, to any position, so the whole country sat down.

The same thing happened in France during the French Revolution. The king was tied to the queen's plow and the queen was advising the people. If you don't get bread, eat cake. On the other hand, the king's clock was one hour behind. Instead of fixing the clock, the clocks of the whole country were set back one hour and the decisions of the courts were not written by the judges. So there was bloodshed in the streets and the kingdom was torn to pieces.

Pakistan is not Russia, France or Iran, we can't be, why? Because these three countries are countries of any nation anyway, Iran is a nation two and a half thousand years old, the history of France is two thousand years old and Russia existed even when there was no country, no nation in Europe. Endured the shock of the revolution. Only Annam's power and constitution have changed there but we, sorry, are a nation and we have no history. If conditions like France and Iran arise then we will disintegrate, we will not remain one country, Pakistan (God forbid) will be shattered like a dream. I apologize to all of you, I do not want to disappoint you but you too will one day be forced to admit that we are really on the brink of revolution in which only one corpse is late to fall and then this country Unemployment will not be handled by "nobody". You see unemployment.

Pakistan is suffering from historic unemployment, the employment rate is another ten, one out of ten people earns and eats nine and the courage of the earners is also responding now and what is the cause of unemployment? Unskilled and non-business environment, we have insulted those who work, employers and those who are successful in this country. It will happen, no one will even comfort you, we have not taught people skills in the country till today, 100 million people in the country are unemployed but if you look for a driver, you will not find a driver for twenty years, average cook, mechanic , Not even electricians and plumbers.

The President's House is leaking up to the faucets and even the Prime Minister gets food poisoning by eating dirty food. The state of inflation in the country is like this. The report of the Auditor General on corruption in the fund is also issued by the IMF and whether the governor is SBP, secretary finance or finance minister all these decisions are now taken by the IMF, for the first time in the country a government has come Shake every section of the country, you see any sector of the country, you will hear sobs from behind every wall, but the sign of seriousness in these serious situations is that the country is playing audio audio and video video. ۔

An audio comes and in response the audio comes from the other side and the whole country follows it. It is said that some more videos are also coming from London. These videos were made in November 2018 when the Chief Justice. You look at the challenges of the country and the issues of the state and politics, so what will be the result? The same will come out in such a situation but I am not sorry for this result, I am sorry for the attitudes of the powerful officials of the country, these people are eating lizards with open eyes and do not crawl on their ears, why? I think that the decision of why will be written by the historian writer anyway and that is not far away now. May Allah protect this Pakistan country, the country is almost out of hands near to destroy this country.

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