National government of Pakistan Abdullah Yousuf is one of the most talented officer

Abdullah Yousuf is one of the most talented officers in Pakistan. He was a chartered accountant by profession but accidentally joined the civil service and reached 22nd grade through various departments and ministries. He was appointed by General Pervez Musharraf on 14 June 2006. Appointed FBR chairman Abdullah Yousuf.

National government of Pakistan Abdullah Yousuf is one of the most talented officer
National government of Pakistan Abdullah Yousuf is one of the most talented officer(TRT)

Before that, the FBR used to collect Rs 360 billion annually in taxes and duties. Abdullah Yusuf raised this revenue to Rs 1,000 billion. It was a great achievement. For this success, Abdullah Yusuf took a few steps. Remove barriers to investment, invest in the country, increase productivity and increase tax collection, computerize the customs system which eliminates customs leakage and carry out income tax reforms, Income Tax Officer ( ITO) role abolished,

Making income tax payers their own trustee, allowing them to prepare, submit and finalize their own returns, these reforms boosted the confidence of tax peers, investors and industrialists. , Taxes, duties and customs increased and its positive effects on the national treasury began to be seen, thus Abdullah Yusuf became one of the most successful chairmen in the history of the FBR, Abdullah Yusuf is truly a brilliant, talented and patriotic Pakistani. He retired on July 23, 2008. He is currently the Chairman of the Advisory Council of Private Power Generators (IPPs).

I was introduced to Abdullah Yusuf by Fauzia Wahab. One day during the break of the program, Fauzia Wahab praised Abdullah Yusuf immensely. I said, "Build it, what's the problem?" They said, "Our people think it will tarnish our public image."

I went to his seat, started talking to him and after that I got in touch with him. Abdullah Yusuf had predicted three and a half years ago today that electricity would be the biggest problem of this government. When I asked him the reason for that having, he said, "These people are not taking this issue effectively for that time. They are de-panning on furnace oil. The prices of petroleum products are rising in the world. The dollar will soon be out of our control." The power shortfall will increase, people will take to the streets and it will be difficult for the government to send them back.

But today all their predictions are coming true, the government has to pay Rs 265 billion to IPPs, IPPs buy furnace oil from PSOs, IPPs have to pay Rs 232 billion from PSOs till date. Have taken furnace oil, this amount has not been paid, PSO refinances 180 billion of refineries and distribution companies, refineries do not have money so their production has halved, the government has imported refined petroleum products from abroad. Forced to buy, this petrol is expensive so the price has to be increased and thus the country is stuck in a whirlpool of chaos.

The second largest source of electricity is natural gas. The country produces 1920 MMCF of gas per day, a quarter of which is consumed in CNG. This 500 MMCF gas if given to power plants. So it may increase power generation but the government does not dare to close CNG stations because of pressure groups, 90% of the country's CNG stations belong to politicians, bureaucrats and military officers, these people Both powerful and influential, these stations are not allowed to close and are left behind

Hydro-energy has generated the lowest level of electricity generation from water. We are generating only 6,000 MW per day from water. New dams are not being built and if they are being built, their pace is very slow. The government has to pay Rs 350 billion to WAPDA, the government is not able to receive this money from its own institutions and its own government so the country is boiling with protests and anger Where to go with the nights soaked in confinement? The people are boiling with anger,

The government is helpless and the world is watching the spectacle of the seventh nuclear power. Even if the government immediately pays 265 billion to the private power companies, it needs one billion rupees daily to run the system. Where will the government get 265 billion rupees from? After that, where will she manage one billion a day, no one in the country has any answer to this question! But we can still get the country out of this situation, we can get the country out of the flood, but for that the political parties have to make sacrifices, they have to accept the facts and make bold decisions.

Pakistan is a country of talented people but these talented people are divided into factions, some are in PPP, some are in PML-N, some are in PML-Q and some are in MQM, PTI, JUI and Jamaat-e-Islami. There are many people like Abdullah Yusuf in our bureaucracy, there are people like Dr. Abdul Qadir, Dr. Samar Mubarakmand and Dr. Ata-ur-Rehman in our country, we have economists like Dr. Ashfaq Hussain, Shaukat Tareen and Omar Ayub and our There are also thousands of doctors and engineers scattered around the world who are being paid millions of dollars by the developed nations and are being looked down upon.

We have 45 million Pakistanis living abroad, these people can form an investment company, buy its shares and thus billions of dollars can be invested in the country, we can build eight or ten such international cities in the country. There are those who will be a part of Pakistan but international law will apply to them, these cities can be built on the coastal line of Sindh and Balochistan and from Gilgit to Sat Baru and also in the highest plain of the world like Deosai. We could also set up hundreds of small parts and equipment factories in the country for industries in Central Asia, India and China, and we could make Pakistan's educational institutions an Oxford for poor Third World students.

But all these things are possible when all the political parties pool their talents in one place, consider these talented people of Pakistan as assets of Pakistan, do not consider them as slaves of the party and give political and administrative positions to the people on merit. Mustafa Kamal of MQM is a great example of success, why don't we use him? Dr. Ata-ur-Rehman did a great job under Pervez Musharraf. Abdullah Yusuf is also an example. Siraj-ul-Haq, Javed Hashmi, Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Asad Umar of Jamaat-e-Islami are examples of ability and success. 

Congratulations to Dr. Abdul Qadir and Samar in our country and above all Ishaq Dar and Humayun Akhtar and Jahangir Tareen are also talented and honest people, why don't we take their help? If our political parties can sit together on the 18th, 19th and 20th Amendments, why can't they come together to save Pakistan? Why can't they make decisions based on merit alone? I think our political parties should form a national government together, this government should consist of technocrats and experts,

This government was formed for five years, during this time politics in the country should be banned, this government should bring the country on track, solve the problems of Pakistan, in the meantime if the situation came under control then the country went back to party politics. Otherwise, this government should be given another five years. This government should appoint talented and skilled people in administrative positions and these people should change both the culture and the condition of the country.

This would be a good solution, our situation is bad and in these bad situation if the political parties do not form a technocrats government or national government with open heart then this government will be formed by someone else and if someone else formed this government then from the country. The role of political parties will be lost, the people will not give them another chance, so the political parties should understand the delicacy of the situation and go ahead and tie the bell around the cat's neck, otherwise the cat will not survive. The bell.

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