I wish we were Bengalis

When Jawaharlal Nehru became the Prime Minister of India, he came to Mahatma Gandhi after taking oath and asked him, "Bapu, how do we run India?" Mahatma Gandhi advised Jawaharlal Nehru, If you want to be the new Prime Minister, you should never allow flour, bicycles and cinema tickets to become expensive in the country. "Gandhi paused and then said," Flour is the food of the poor. The bicycle is the ride of the poor, if it becomes expensive then the wheel of the poor will stop and if the wheel of the poor stops then no system of government will run and cinema is the entertainment of the poor and if it becomes expensive then the poor will fit the government It will make hair, so you have to do anything. Cinema, bicycle and flour should not be expensive. "Jawaharlal Nehru made it a point. If you want to break India, you have to stop Bollywood and make flour expensive. India will break when the bicycle has now turned into a motorcycle and it Also cheaper in India.

I wish we were Bengalis
I wish we were Bengalis

The term "mother industry" is used in business. It means an industry that can carry on to other industries, such as the United States, which suffered a terrible economic crisis after the First World War. To overcome this crisis, the United States decided to connect 50 states via highways. The Pan-American Highway was started in 1923 and became the largest highway in the world. It is a 45,000 km long road and its Connecting the USA as well as all the Latin American countries, this road proved to be the mother industry for America between the two great wars and it put the whole of America on an economic footing, how?

Science was very simple, because of the world's largest highway, all the industries related to construction started running, if the industries started running, companies and factories needed engineers, planners and workers, this need activated universities and technical institutes. When engineers came out of the universities, thousands of factories started making machinery and thus the machinery industry started running. When the road was completed, the automobile industry also started gaining momentum.

Along the road, new cities, new housing societies, new industrial hubs and farmhouses began to appear. When they became active, people got money and started shopping, eating in restaurants, even for tea and coffee. They started moving and taking children to play areas, creating a healthy lifestyle among the people, creating gyms and increasing the number of clinics and hospitals, so that only one decision of the government could change the whole of America. Of

If we look at India too, we will see two big decisions. The first decision was made by Jawaharlal Nehru Polytechnic Institute in India. The second decision was made by Rajiv Gandhi in 1984 at Silicon Valley in Bangalore.

India also launched a computer tax free policy this year, these two decisions changed the economic foundations of India and today there are 237 billionaires in India but these decisions were not real decisions, the real mother industry of India was Bollywood so Whether it is cricket or Silicon Valley, all these industries are products of Bollywood. If there was no Bollywood in India, there would be no Tata today, there would be no Burla and there would be no groups like Reliance and Ambani, all these groups are Bollywood. There are by-products.

How big and effective is Bollywood industry? You can guess it from a decision of Pakistan. General Musharraf had allowed the screening of Indian films in Pakistan in 2007. This one decision also developed the industry of shopping malls in Pakistan. , Introduced the culture of restaurants and coffee shops, created the fashion industry and at the same time revived the buried film industry of Pakistan but then we banned the screening of Indian films in February 2019 and as a result From the Pakistani film industry to shopping malls, the whole of China sat down.

Our economy could not recover after that. You can compare the history of Pakistan's business and industry with the film era. If we had film industry then business was going on in the country and also industry and tolerance, art, culture in the society. And there was love, but as soon as the film industry came to an end, so did the culture of the whole country, so you see how one industry, one decision determines the fate of both the economy and the culture of the whole country.

We also created three industries in Pakistan and the whole world cannot compete with us in these areas. We invested resources in defense. Today Pakistan is the owner of the best army in the world and we are also a nuclear power. Raised the Mujahideen and they rubbed the noses of the two superpowers of the world. Created an industry of religious and sectarian differences in the country under General Zia-ul-Haq and you can see its swaying crops.

This is the situation today. Allama Iqbal's poems are recited and recited in every mosque and madrassa of Pakistan and Quaid-e-Azam is written and spoken, but I claim that Allama Iqbal If they did, this society would not give them time to write a reply. Allama Iqbal would fall prey to the hatred of the mob. If you do not believe, then you should read the complaint and then answer. Could a publisher have made the mistake of publishing it? If Quaid-e-Azam were like that today, could he print a picture with his dog or add Sir Zafarullah and Joginder Nath Mandal to his cabinet?

I am sure that if they had, they would have died today while submitting receipts of Flag Staff House, Wazir Mansion and Malabar Hill House Mumbai in the courts or they would have died while their assets were equal to their income. Under what sect should the funeral be conducted?

All this is the result of General Zia-ul-Haq's effort to create a nationwide constituency. We have to admit that mistakes are never barren, they always give birth and these children also give birth day and night, so please, many children of mistakes. So now all the stakeholders of the country, headed by the Chief Justice of Pakistan, have come together and considered the constitution as big, made the whole country bound by law and then made three or four big decisions.

You give one or two industries all kinds of tax relaxation sessions, social media is the most advanced science in the world, you give the whole industry its tax exemption for thirty years, you also give film and music industry. Tax-free and give the construction industry a ten-year tax holiday, the whole country's economic wheel will turn, this is what we change our entire policy every six months, it drowned the country's fleet Is.

Please stop this and please make religion a personal act. No one should be allowed to impose his beliefs on another person in this country. This country will have to move, otherwise after two or three years The person will say with his mouth, I wish we were Bengalis, you should be afraid of that time.

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