Gwadar Haq Do Movement: 'If issues are not resolved, sit-in will be allowed for at least 127 days' the capital debates latest news 2022

For the past five days, locals in the coastal city of Gwadar in Pakistan's Balochistan province have been holding sit-ins to demand basic necessities of life, problems faced by fishermen and elimination of unnecessary check posts. The main demands of the participants of the sit-in organized by the 'Give Gwadar Right' movement were to stop fishing of trawlers in the deep sea in the territorial waters of Balochistan, to remove obstacles in the way of goods coming from Iran and to enforce the law. The checkpoints of the security agencies and the security agencies are being eliminated which is causing problems to the locals and fishermen. The 'Give Gwadar the Right' movement, though apolitical, is being led by Maulana Hidayat-ur-Rehman, the provincial secretary general of the Jamaat-e-Islami Balochistan.

Gwadar Haq Do Movement: 'If issues are not resolved, sit-in will be allowed for at least 127 days' the capital debates latest news 2022
Gwadar Haq Do Movement: 'If issues are not resolved, sit-in will be allowed for at least 127 days' the capital debates latest news 2022
Maulana Hidayat-ur-Rehman told Urdu News on telephone from Gwadar on Friday night that five days have passed since his sit-in and tonight the movement is entering its sixth day. In response to a question, he said that despite continuous protests and sit-ins, the lack of interest and "incompetence" of the provincial and central government in resolving issues was evident. He said that we want the abolition of deep sea trawlers and abolition of token system in the name of security in the border area which is causing problems not only to the businessmen but also to the people.

According to him, their demands include elimination of complaints of illegal check posts in Gwadar city and harassment of fishermen by the Coast Guard. According to Maulana Hidayat, Godar city is also facing water supply and electricity problems. Regarding the future course of action, Maulana told Urdu News that his sit-in will continue till the Pakistan problems are resolved.PTI government takes credit for the 126-days record he lack of interest and "incompetence sit-in but we want to say that if the issues are not resolved, we will allow the sit-in for at least 127 days to break the PTI record." In response to a question, Maulana Hidayat said that the provincial government had sent local elders to them for talks but no significant result was forthcoming.

Pakistani Gwadar Haq Do Movement: 'If of dharna is not solved, then we are sit-in will be allowed for at least more then Imran Khan dharna that is almost 126 days in capital Islamabad of Pakistan' the capital debates latest news 2022 government is calling that we will solve the problems, but only when the work is done will we end the sit-in.", we will not trust the promises to be made now. The sit-ins of the 'Give Gwadar the Right' movement and the protest rallies and demonstrations during the last few months are being counted among the major protest activities in the history of Gwadar at the local level.

Local journalist Sadaqat Baloch told Urdu News by telephone from Gwadar that a large number of people were participating in the sit-in. According to him, four to five thousand people participate in the sit-in while the number of participants in the sit-in at night decreases to five to six hundred. According to him, this movement is one of the major protest movements in Gwadar. A large number of locals of Gwadar are participating in this movement without any political discrimination.

He said that on the fourth day of the sit-in, thousands of citizens had staged a shrouded protest rally. The sit-ins and protests of the 'Give Gwadar the Right' movement are also being discussed on social media. A large number of consumers are supporting the demands of the sit-in participants and urging the government to find a solution to these problems. Senior journalist Hamid Mir also wrote in a tweet on the video of the protesters that "Gwadar fishermen have come to the streets for their rights, these oppressed fishermen are demanding to clean their sea from the trawler mafia." They are asking permission to come and go in the sea.

Hamid Mir further wrote that "one of their main demands is to close liquor shops in Gwadar and stop the sellers of crystal and glass." Maulana Hidayat-ur-Rehman, head of the "Give Gwadar the Right" movement, wrote in his tweet that "our struggle will continue." At the beginning of the Gwadar Shrouded Protest March, the spirit of the youth remained intact. Today, history has been made in Gwadar again. Gibran Nasir, a human rights activist and social leader, wrote on Twitter: "Greetings to the zealous people of Gwadar, this is a public protest on public issues, no one came here because of a phone call Has happened Congratulations to Maulana Hidayat-ur-Rehman Sahib for mobilizing the people on basic amenities and issues and creating unity among them.

A user named Adil Baloch, while posting a video of the shrouded protesters, wrote that "shrouded people took to the streets to ban water, electricity and unnecessary military check posts." Adil Baloch has raised the question in his tweets, "Is it very difficult for the Pakistani government to accept these basic demands?"

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