From Lal Masjid to APS Phishawar The Capital Debates latest Article 2022

The Lal Masjid is just one kilometer away from the ISI headquarters. The first superintendent of this mosque was Maulana Abdullah Ghazi who was made the superintendent of the mosque by Ayub Khan. Abdullah Ghazi was also very close to General Zia-ul-Haq. General Zia-ul-Haq had also made him the head of the Ruyat-e-Hilal Committee. After the death of Abdullah Ghazi, his two sons Maulana Abdul Aziz and Abdul Rashid Ghazi took over the responsibilities of the mosque and madrassa of Jamia Hafsa and Jamia Faridiya. The incident at the World Trade Center took place in the United States and Pervez Musharraf had to become an ally of the United States. The Ghazi brothers openly opposed it. The Ghazi brothers wanted the state to support the Afghan government and fight against the United States but not Pervez Musharraf. wanted. 

From Lal Masjid to APS Phishawar The Capital Debates latest Article 2022
From Lal Masjid to APS Phishawar The Capital Debates latest Article 2022

From here, there was opposition between the two. When the army launched an operation in Waziristan, al-Qaeda and the Taliban sent a message to the Ghazi brothers to issue a fatwa against the operation, saying that the operation was illegal. And students from the Red Mosque stormed a Chinese massage center in the capital and arrested some Chinese, accusing them of spreading obscenity.

Then the children took over the library and kept demanding the implementation of Shariah in the country. Mufti Taqi Usmani also met the Ghazi brothers and said in strong words that this work should be stopped. There is no way. After this, the Imam of the Kaaba also said in the Friday sermon of Faisal Masjid that those who speak against the state are wrong. Thus, Islam does not allow the implementation of Sharia. Ordered the implementation of Shariah on April 6.

In July 2007, the government decided to carry out an operation and announced that if the students surrendered and came out, we would guarantee to take them home, but the Ghazi brothers kept urging the students to wage jihad against the security forces The government kept trying to negotiate but the bullets kept coming from Lal Masjid. The students dug trenches and took up positions and there was an exchange of fire from both sides.

On July 4, a spokesman for Lal Masjid claimed that 15 students and a passerby had been killed in an exchange of fire with Rangers, and Abdul Aziz claimed that the students had carried out a suicide attack on the Ministry of Environment building, killing seven policemen. The number of injured in these clashes reached four hundred. When the situation deteriorated, the army commandos were called. Meanwhile, Maulana Abdul Aziz tried to escape wearing a burqa and was caught when Abdul Aziz was wearing a burqa. When the students saw them running and being arrested, they became very upset and came out with a large number of weapons.

Heavy weapons were being fired from inside the Red Mosque. Anti-craft guns, rocket launchers were reporting a major catastrophe. The army intensified the operation and entered Hafsa University. An exchange of fire ensued and Ghazi Abdul Rasheed and foreign terrorists were killed. A total of 109 people were killed in the operation, including 91 militants and 10 others. Commander, Rangers personnel were also present.

This triggered a backlash from extremist organizations across the country and Pakistan fell victim to terrorism and by the end of 2007 there were a total of 47 suicide attacks across the country in which 1188 civilians were killed and more than three thousand injured. Who is responsible for this? Didn't we suffer the loss of the country at the hands of Tehreek-e-Taliban? Five terrorists involved were hanged while one is still in custody.

In our country, the party that has a heart goes to sit-in. We still do not understand TTP whether they are sincere with us or not. They wanted to rule the country. We endured 47 suicide bombings until December 2007. We lost our lives in the US-Afghan war for 20 years, but the US still does not agree with us.

When will we start making our own decisions? We supported the United States in the war we fought, but the United States has not acknowledged our sacrifices to date. On the contrary, it has been calling us wrong. We still get the news that the attack on the vehicle of soldiers in Waziristan, young martyr, we have not yet been able to negotiate with the TTP, what do we want?

Extremists in APS did not spare children nor other staff 51 military families were affected by the tragedy. We will try to explain whose only son was martyred in this attack. In our country, we could not pay the price for the death of the policemen who were martyred in the protests of Tehreek-e-Libek.

First banned and then gave a clean chit. Why this? No political or religious party in our country should get so much freedom that whenever they want to jam the country we do not want conditions like Karachi in our country where the whole of Karachi used to stop at one whistle. We will continue to perform such operations and will continue to pick up corpses for this purpose. Our children feel fear when they go out.

We don't even learn a lesson from the Sialkot tragedy that people should not be given so much freedom. Make people aware and make the extremists who create chaos in the country a sign, I go out in my head if from anywhere. If a bullet is fired by an extremist group, on the other hand not only my blood and rags will fall out but my family will also fall. My parents will be gone, their lives will not be able to live.

From Lal Masjid to APS Phishawar The Capital Debates latest Article 2022

Please take the nails of consciousness and create the courage to make your own decisions. We will not be able to tolerate incidents like Lal Masjid and APS again. We will be defeated. Every possible effort should be made to establish peace in this country. Operation but free the country from the grip of terrorism. This is what the common people want. We can no longer live in fear and panic. We have to make the country a cradle of peace. We are determined to crush any uprising against our country. The state should take action against every extremist organization, group or individual and make the country safe from all these dangers.

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