Eliminate hate speech on social media latest world news 2022 the capital debates

Lying, hate and emotional exploitation on social media has become the favourite weapon of miscreants, exploiters and religious sects these days. Recent leaked Facebook papers show that social media is becoming a hotbed of such negative tactics. Facebook has scrutinised dozens of organisations involved in the scandal over social media policies and flaws in its system. According to Frances Hogan, who disclosed the Facebook papers and appeared before the US Congress and the British Parliament, the Facebook administration was aware of the spread of misinformation and hate speech around the world, from Vietnam and Myanmar to India and the US. He closed his eyes like a dove.

Eliminate hate speech on social media latest world news 2022 the capital debates article news
Eliminate hate speech on social media latest world news 2022 the capital debates

The expanding Facebook network made its users' content its source of revenue but unfortunately did not pay any attention to regulating it. No attention was paid, including the use of Facebook for death threats in Pakistan, Myanmar and India in addition to hate speech. Facebook also lacks the ability to analyse the languages ​​of Pakistan, Myanmar and Ethiopia. Even Facebook's community standards do not have the ability to translate Pakistan's national language into Urdu, which is why there is no effective legal regulation on Facebook based on lies, slander and hateful material for Pakistani or Urdu users on Facebook.

In line with international trends, major social media networks have changed the rules and regulations of communication and debate. For the average consumer, the news is not what the major news networks are providing, but rather they rely heavily on the news of their network friends and followers. Whether it is related to a product, business, services or part of false propaganda, many people not only acknowledge it but also become part of its spread without confirming it. It is very important to know how false news and hate Excitement spreads so fast. In this regard, according to the research reports of CITS (Center for Information Technology and Society) and NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), trolls, software robots and general users would jointly play their role in spreading false news and propaganda. Trolls are people who have opened their accounts on social media networks for the purpose of ridiculing and ridiculing people, especially public and political figures. These people are undoubtedly masters of disaster who Do not miss any opportunity to harm the society through schemes.

Trolls are skillfully using social media platforms for propaganda, lies and hate speech. Software robots (BOTs) are designed to help spread the word about a particular event on various social media networks. According to CITS, by 2018, the number of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Proactive BOTs had reached 190 million. Ordinary users are the ones who regularly use Facebook and other social media networks and are influenced by trolls and BOTs to become the biggest source of spreading false, misleading and misleading information. The majority of ordinary users believe that what they are reading and watching is based on reality and that is why they are spreading it on social media networks. It is very common in Pakistan on political, social, linguistic and other controversial issues. A Pakistani NGO, Bytes for All, has been monitoring such propaganda since September 2019. In this regard, it has uncovered several incidents of false news and scandal.

In recent years, Facebook, Twitter and other major companies have taken some drastic measures against propaganda and hate speech to improve security features and remove such content. These include lists of derogatory terms in local languages, as well as the elimination of fake accounts and BOTs, as well as the policy of reforming and continuously improving one's system. Technological improvements can be made on Facebook or other social media networks, but there is no way to compensate for the loss of life due to shocking or false news. I think governments, and especially the US government, have effective control over social media. Policy must be adopted. Strict US action against Facebook and other social media networks in this regard could lead to improvements internationally. In the subcontinent, the governments of Pakistan and India are enacting new legislation for social media in which these companies operate in Pakistan. Apart from offices, recruitment of local staff for liaison with local authorities in India is also included. Facebook also needs to heed the recommendations of its staff to protect minorities and hate groups around the world.

These networks should have a system that looks at the quality and authenticity of the uploaded content, not the likes and comments of any content. Haroon Baloch, senior program manager and digital rights researcher at Pakistani NGO Bytes for All. "If we play a role in creating an environment in which mutual respect, rather than colour, religion or gender, is taken into account, it will create tolerance that will help us move towards better and sustainable development," he said. This is one of the best ideas that can be followed to ensure the elimination of hatred in the system of all social media networks which can bring Pakistan and the world to a better and more tolerant destination.

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