Change your circumstances by Muhammad Waqas

Two friends with an MBA from a private university in Lahore started working for a set. The salary was around thirty thousand. Seth was one of the richest businessmen in the country. That was some thirty years ago. These educated young men worked hard to market the products made in Seth's mills. After working for four years, they both decided not to sell their skills cheaply to anyone. Rather, it is a matter of personal business. Capital is not scarce, but it was not. In Lahore, there is a shopping center called Origa Center on Main Boulevard. The two friends took over a one-room office here and started indenting textile machinery on a very small scale.

Change your circumstances by Muhammad Waqas
Change your circumstances (Vocal Media)

Business did not work out at all. But so much so that they received a modest monthly profit. There was room for room rent and electricity bills. Two years passed in the same cosmos. There were many quarrels between them that Khwamkhawa left Seth's job. The minimum wage was paid. But each time the final decision was made not to hire anyone. In the third year, they began to receive large orders. After ten or twelve more years of hard work, the two men were able to stand on their own two feet. Meanwhile, a textile mill in Lahore was going bankrupt and auctioned off. The price of rotten machinery was three lakhs. They bought machines in the bidding. But the problem was that they had four or five lakhs to buy but the rest of the capital was not at all. By praying for relatives and friends, he fulfilled all the money. Bought machinery. Fix it and put cloth looms in the rented warehouse. Were hardworking There was no hobby other than work.

In a short time, the fog started moving. In four or five years, they both became millionaires. They did not waste money. He bought state-of-the-art textile machinery and set up a new factory. Became the owner of one to two and then five mills. In recent days, a towel mill has been set up and all goods have been exported abroad. He also took a close friend of mine with him. Now these people are extremely prosperous and even noble. Business is booming in every way.

This is the true story of Lahore. I know these two people very well and they often meet. Before my eyes he started his business life with a journey of poverty. Don't give up, keep working hard. And today they are prominent people in the business world. Look around your city, town, town, union council, village or street. Amazing examples of success will be found in general.

People will say that twenty or ten years ago, such and such a person used to do menial work. But today he is a very successful and rich man. Wherever you live. Whatever nationality you belong to. Make a list of the four most successful people around you. Read it carefully Their names will be very different. You will not find any similar features in them at first glance. Professions will also be different.

Some are literate, some are illiterate. Someone would have become the king of transport from a bus hawker, someone would have become the owner of textile mills selling cloth on bicycles. Someone would have become the biggest fruit trader by planting fruit carts and someone would have pushed ahead in his field by pushing and shoving in the same way. But one factor will be surprisingly present in all these successful people. These will be hard working people. Even the stumbling blocks of time would have failed to shatter the dream of moving forward.

They must have got such an opportunity after two or four years or five or ten years. By using it correctly, they will be able to run on the road to success. The sweat of their labor will now turn into wealth. Then these same people become role models for others. All of these people are citizens of our own country. And the worst for them was the same for everyone. But there is a difference. Courage, struggle, hard work and the art of finding a way will be equally present in all of them.

Why did I feel the need to write everything? Because I had the opportunity to read the front page of a newspaper forty-five years ago. The cover featured pictures of the then president and prime minister. But the news was surprisingly the same as today. News of unbearable increase in prices of sugar, petrol, fertilizer. Strikes, riots, heartbreaking stories of regional unrest. Countless incidents of killings. News of the complete failure of the government and the outcry of the opposition. Believe it

Just change the date and year. Can't recognize Looks like this is today's newspaper. But no, that would be a news story decades ago. What does this mean? Or what you conclude from it. Only since the country has been established, problems have been dancing naked. Sometimes democracy fails, sometimes undemocratic governments have to lick the dust. But the problems remain the same.

What should an ordinary young man or woman do now? One way is to keep the situation going all day. But a few percent of people will quietly engage in their own unique way in these other situations. If someone is running a small grocery store today. So in a decade and a half it will definitely have a super store. All these dreams do not have to be golden. Some of them will fail. But after a while, the majority will be successful businessmen. There is only one reason. The tireless pursuit of success in one's own field.

Examine the country's 70-year political history carefully. Politicians and leaders will be seen doing only one thing. All the leaders will see you selling dreams. When there is peace, you will feel the promise of personal growth. So someone will be seen selling the golden dream of one crore jobs. All these politicians and astrologers are well aware that they cannot give a good future to any youth. Yes. Their own children become billionaires in a short period of time. But for the people, their slogans and consolations are only words and images. What should you do in this situation?

Just a decision. And believe me it will change everything. All you have to do is start a small personal business. It doesn't matter if you are literate or not. Education has nothing to do with sustenance. If it were, the most capable people with PhD would not be employed in these illiterate seats. Don't feel ashamed. Be courageous and start small. Don't look back on any work. Work hard, you will be shocked to see the fruits of hard work.

As far as the situation in the country is concerned, they were different and will remain so. It is not up to you to improve them. Yes. You have every right to create your own future. So don't delay Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. So all the TV channels, most of the writers, intellectuals, researchers will be seen crying for it. Let them mourn You try to fix your situation. The situation in the country will remain the same.

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