Be aware from others by Rana Manzoor Ahmed

If you look at the world in 1939, Britain was the only superpower in the world at that time. It was getting brighter, the light of the islands of Fiji was dimming and the sun was rising in Gibraltar, so there was only one power in the world at that time, only one country which also ruled over the sun and that was Britain.

Be aware from others by Rana Manzoor Ahmed
Be aware from others by Rana Manzoor Ahmed

When the king's eye was opened, light would be shining on his kingdom and if he kept his head on the head, then in some corner of the world the sun would start guarding his rule but then only six years later The sun of Britain sank, 64 countries of the world slipped out of the hands of Britain and Queen Summit was confined to England. There was a war.

Britain was embroiled in the conflicts of all its colonies under the guise of power and it had finally started a world war. Gone but the elephant fleet sank, 50 million bodies and wounded on the planet at the end of World War II and half the world was a heap of rubble, this war was lost by Japan and Germany but Britain did not remain Britain after that.

The king's reign was over and every country had its own sunrise. Even today in England the sun does not rise for half a year and people come from house to office and from office to office in the afternoon, quarreling and fighting. They also swallow up powers like Britain. Now look at another fact.

Pakistan was two, one was till 1971 and the other was born in 1972. We were the largest Islamic country in the world in terms of population till 1971. We were one of the fastest growing countries in the world at that time. Major canal system was in Pakistan, Pakistan Railways was one of the best railways in the world, World Bank lent to our WAPDA without state guarantee, there was international bid for Mangla Dam and consortium was formed by three big companies of the world. She won the buddy, a full batch of Harvard University engineering college students came to Mangla to research our water projects, our PIA trained airlines around the world, Arab countries to train their students. Used to send to Pakistan.

Our universities and colleges also had quotas for foreign students and separate hostels for them. Pakistan was one of the major tourist destinations in the world. We also trained soldiers from the Second and Third Worlds and Korea, Malaysia , Thailand and Eastern European countries also copied our economic plans, our exports were more than our imports and our debts were almost non-existent, so we used to turn a blind eye to India and the United Nations and the European Union. I also used to talk in groups.

The situation inside Pakistan was also different. Bengalis were more educated, intelligent, polite and humble than us. They kept their feet off the ground even while flying. About 60% of our foreign exchange came from Patsun, East Pakistan. Our police and bureaucracy trainers were Bengali and most of our training centres were in present day Bangladesh. The wind was Pakistan but then because of us Punjabi warriors 60% of Pakistan was separated from us and it took away our leadership, development and strength.

That Pakistan got smaller in 1971 but we also had 25 years of credibility, we spent the next 25 years on that credibility, we got the opportunity to help through the Afghan war and complete our nuclear program but why on Pakistan That the Punjabi elite had taken over and we Punjabis lack the ability to create and run institutions, so we destroyed every institution in the next 25 years.

Be it the second largest steel mill in the world, be it an institution like PIA, be it WAPDA which was once the "Sovereign Guarantee" of the country, be it railways, be it the largest canal system in the world, be it a dam or be it an educational institution. Institutions were dismantled, the establishment was strengthened by the martial law of 1977 and the Afghan war, and in the name of a new political leadership brought less powerful, incompetent, illiterate and corrupt people into politics.

Meanwhile, factions of lawyers began to support business men, political parties and religious organizations, and thus began a series of bullying, rigging and buying and selling in the country. During all this confusion and speculation, two new power centers were born. The first force was the religious organizations and the second was the media.

If you look at all the government agencies today, from the health department to the tax collection, you will not see a single one of them working. Are these people drinking tap water, getting treatment in a government hospital, fighting their case through a public prosecutor, can they sleep in their government house at night without a rifle-carrying guard and what? Are they taking official medicine? no Please! Doesn't this mean that our entire government and state system is dead, we are not even able to grow the wheat we need despite being an agricultural country.

We are not even in control of sugar, petrol and medicine and we are not able to implement even the SOPs of Corona. The conditions include the deportation of the French ambassador. It is as if we have become a country in which diplomatic decisions are being made through sit-ins. You go to court today. There are a lot of judges and the number of judges is very low. Visit the hospitals. From the road to the operating theater, the patients are the patients. Educational institutions have become the printing press of degrees. The population suffers from high blood pressure.

We are fourth in the world in sugar and fifth in the world in TB. Only two countries in the world have polio and we are the second country. Religious hatred is reaching its peak in the country. The state declares murder obligatory and the state goes out of its way. People are killed in the courts and judges and lawyers lie on the ground and save their lives. The whole economy owes its debts. Today China, Saudi Arabia and the United States should shake hands, put us on the FATF blacklist today, then we will default tomorrow but Pakistan of 1971 was very different from that. He drank water and his children also went to government schools.

These facts are frightening but even more frightening than these facts is the fact that we are not ready to accept these facts, we are not ready to accept this. The world has changed and it will go far beyond us. We are not ready to accept that all our problems are our own creation, we have not left a single friend in the world, from Russia to America we are stuck with everyone, we Fighting inside and outside, we can't raise a zoo elephant but we want to fly the flag over Delhi's Red Fort.

We are not even ready to accept that we have become irrelevant in the world. Today, for the first time in history, Saudi Arabia has invited the Indian Army Chief for an official visit and the US and OIC have accepted India's position on Kashmir. They are not ready to believe that Bangladesh has gone ahead of us and we are not ready to believe that our conflicts are eating us like cancer, open your eyes for God's sake, come out of Punjabism and conflicts and End the wars because these are the two things that made the sun of power like Britain shine.

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